The Missing Museum

London,  22 March 2018 

The Saatchi Gallery. Solo exhibition of new works by the artist PAKAL, in the Prints & Originals Gallery.

In 1962, ruins associated with the Gobekli Tepe tribe in Turkey were discovered. The evidence of their farming methods employed over 12,000 years ago turned the prevailing idea of human history upside-down. How many other tribes and ancient civilisations await discovery? Might everything we think we know about ourselves be open to question or doubt?

In a contemporary world of fake facts and believable fiction, the position of the museum has shifted. Museums used to be repositories of colonised objects asserting a prevailing institutional narrative. Now they have become sites of questioning and contemplation.

Within the Missing Museum, these ideas of fact and fiction intertwine. A presentation of previously unseen art and artefacts provides an insight into the culture of the Laka tribe. These are the remnants of a nomadic people who believed in creativity as a path to transformation and reinvention. Viewers are led to question the authority and authenticity of what they see before them and relate it to their own lives.

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Curated by:

Alessia De pasquale



Shmiracles - Textile experiments between Unga(BFC) & Pakal

Wednesday 13th December 6.30 – 8.30. All welcome

The (micro) show will run throughout December.

WA Green, 10 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3DH, London

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Alessia De pasquale